May 152013

For my last major project in Public Art class at Columbia College I created 3 distinct Aurasma works.

Aurasma is an augmented reality application which is capable of overlaying digital images onto physical objects.

For my first piece I used the cover of Dune by Frank Herbert as a trigger image to reveal my favorite quote from the book.
Dune Overlay 2d
Called the litany against fear, it is a mantra which can block pain, and give a piece of mind in the worst of situations. I love the idea that any book could have this sort of cheat sheet on the front, or even just reviews. Keep the cover simple and beautiful but allow some of the books information to be accessed easily with out looking through it.
Dune Trigger Image

Then I thought, this information, the Litany Against Fear, is not neccessarally what everyone would have on the cover of their copy of Dune, so this is a sort of personal version of tagging, I haven’t so much tagged this book for everyone as I have for the people who know how to get to the tag. So, I ask my self, why use a book as a key to some thing… but what?

PublicArt Trigger Image
Then I hit it, Textbooks are a Key to knowledge! I grabbed a screen shot of my Public Art textbook and overlayed its rubric, a link to its google map page, and a link to the readings on the class Wiki. “Excellent” (I imagine Mr. Burns)

Public Art Textbook Overlay

But then I stopped. I had just unwantingly cornnered myself. I was using a book about public art in my Public Art class to create something which was a KEY!. Keys are the way you take a place that was public, and make it private. I mean, totally contradictory to the point!

So I asked myself, What about a key to a database, a data base that was so encoded as to confuse the public. What if I gave that key to the public?

Here’s the database, Do you know what the key is?

Little Monsanto Logos

One such cryptographic corporation is Monsanto. They own every brand listed here.

When you use Aurasma to scan many of these logos, they will show the below image, revealing the association. Unfortunately not all of the logos contain enough data. I intend to work with masks on Aurasma to get these all to work, but for the time being, its definitely not an infallible tool. If you’re looking for one, you might read this article about an iPhone app that claims to do just about the same thing.

Monsanto OVERLAY

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Apr 092013

Got another round of updates!

Y Gantry Assembled on my lap

Y Gantry Assembled on my lap

Y Gantry Rod Clamp (with extra end stop)

Y Gantry Rod Clamp (with extra end stop)

Hot Head Bracket Close Up

Hot Head Bracket Close Up

Y Gantry Rod Clamp (with correct end stop)

Y Gantry Rod Clamp (with correct end stop)

Bed Assembled

Bed Assembled

Bed Side Shot

Bed Side Shot

Extruder Side View

Extruder Side View

Extruder Front

Extruder Front

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Mar 262013
Hardware Bag!

Painting the parts before and after video.

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Mar 262013
  • Lock your header in place.

    Lock your header in place.

  • On the left is the before, to be fixed, the right is the correct order according to Duy's package contents video.

    On the left is the before, to be fixed, the right is the correct order according to Duy's package contents video.

  • Use a tool to push the pin down. Pull gently on the wire at the same time, it will come free.

    Use a tool to push the pin down. Pull gently on the wire at the same time, it will come free.

  • All three pins removed, if you don't use to much force you can simply push them back in.

    All three pins removed, if you don't use to much force you can simply push them back in.

  • Push the pins in, use stage 2 as a guide!

    Push the pins in, use stage 2 as a guide!

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Mar 132013
Check it out!
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Mar 092013

Well, I'm just ecstatic with my production today. Thanks to running Processing in Eclipse, I'm loving the better debug tools, and I've solved a long standing bug!

Processing errored with no final crashlog, thanks to Eclipse I narrowed the bug down to a PImage memory leak.
But a simple g.removeCache(img); fixed it.

Now its ready for release, open source!

GliPtcH.Jar or

GliPtcH Source (.zip)

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Mar 092013
Submitted to The Art of Play, a gallery show at Columbia College Chicago which shows fan art and original works of art which are inspired by games of all kinds. This is 1/2in clear acrylic with white, clear, and red inlays. Pictures!
  • AcrylicHyruleCrest1
  • AcrylicHyruleCrest2
  • AcrylicHyruleCrest3
  • AcrylicHyruleCrest4
Mar 092013
This week I had the pleasure of being asked to visit Andrew Hicks' class, Art & Code. After showing them what I've been up to, I offered them a gift, a sketch I had written for them: or grab the gist. The code is a bit advanced for beginners, but it features some pearls of practical knowledge for any artist working in code. Most importantly, IMHO, the Perlin Noise function. I spoke to them with this theme in mind: "Make a tool as art, then make some art with that tool!"
  • "Clean Code"
  • Code is a set of instructions, the first code you ever wrote was probably in kindergarden or first grade. If your teacher was anything like mine, he/she would have asked you how to make a peanut butter & jelly. "What is the first step class?" and you and your classmates would have shouted back, "Put the peanut butter on the bread" and the teacher would have, following your instructions, smashed the jar of the peanut butter into the bagged loaf of bread. Getting these instructions down to a language in which the, much dumber than usual, teacher to create a sandwich, was the first time you ever had to deal with the type of specificity which programming is built upon.
  • Platform agnosticism, Arduino, Java, Unity. Use what you can, but don't get stuck on one.
  • Processing <3
  • You're almost there *Libraries*. With basic programming skills and access to libraries, you can make just about anything an artist would need to.
  • Objective Oriented Programming
Thanks for having me guys, I had a great time!
Feb 262013

Project 3: QR Codes

  • Site: Train car "modesty" curtain
    Message: "Everything you used today was on a freight train at one point, in one from or another. Ditto for the food you ate (fertilizers, feed grain for cattle, hogs, chickens, lamb, etc.)"
    Why: I would place this on commuter trains, to remind the people of the incredible depth to which trains permeate our society and to remind them that there is a long and complicated history to virtually every product we use, consume, and create.
    A QR Code with the text: Everything you used today was on a freight train at one point, in one from or another. Ditto for the food you ate (fertilizers, feed grain for cattle, hogs, chickens, lamb, etc.)

    Everything you used today was on a freight train at one point, in one from or another. Ditto for the food you ate (fertilizers, feed grain for cattle, hogs, chickens, lamb, etc.)

  • Site: Excessive signage, esp. "Caution Falling Ice"
    Message: "Creeping Litigation"
    Why: Walking down the side walk and seeing a sign that says "Caution Falling Ice" implies that you should take specific action to protect yourself, but this is wrong the truth is that you, by seeing the sign, agree not to sue the person who's poorly designed building gives you a concussion. Reminding people that these messages are not primarily for your safety, but rather a protection for the building owners.
    Below: A QR code with the text "Creeping Litigation"

    Creeping LitigationiceOnWalkway

  • Site: Doorway into a Court House
    Message: "One Million Commandments"
    Why: We have to many laws. It has been said that the odds of an individual living a life in which they break no laws is less likely then the odds of a DNA match from 2 unrelated people. This will hopefully reveal to some people just how unfree we are in the United States, it's location however implies a powerfully different meaning: Be careful of the web of laws into which you have stumbled.

    Below: A QR code with the text "One Million Commandments"

    One Million Commandments Old_DuPage_County_Courthouse

Feb 052013

Assignment 2: Modification
Jedi Board Of Trade.

The Chicago Board of Trade building located at La Sal and Jackson is a site which I have walked past every a day of my Columbia Education, twice. The building features a combination of what would have been old and new at the time it was built. Perhaps the oldest and most cryptic of these features are two old men, with hoods, astride the clock, smack dab in the middle of the building. High above the person walking down on the street, suggesting --perhaps-- they are watching over, even guiding the much smaller men on the street. The style killed by the vivid depiction of Batman's Gotham, only the buildings built in a specific area and of a specific style boast the combination of baroque and modern which this building has. The statues too, have a near-Gotham styling, giving them what now seems a dreary oppressive feeling.

To my eyes these old men, appear to be a Druid and an Native American. The Druid specifically is a symbol which I most strongly identify with Stonehenge and fantasy games. I do understand intellectually that the Druids, and the fantasy archetype are distinct, however they are equally irrelevant to me, in my modern life. I am however aware of the feeling that rich men control the economy. If the builder's intentions have failed to convey themselves, which clearly they have -- else we have some highly cynical builders-- then I suggest that a simple modification take place. One simple gesture to forever re-color the oppressive statues. I suggest simply that we give these ancient figures lightsabers, propelling them into the modern era, where Jedi are more present in the mind of the people than any historical figure, at least any that didn't recently have a big-budget movie.

Jedi or Sith?

It seems that I have revealed myself: it is unlikely the builders were so very cynical, it is instead *my* interpretation which leads to such negativity. It is only natural for me and I have come to embrace it, so much so that I have learned the trick is to turn it to an advantage: which is exactly how is stumbled upon the best part of this piece. Coloring both Druids as Jedi would shine a forever positive light on the statues, which as they adorn the Chicago Board of Trade, is not be my intention.

Cynical or not, the symbolic significance of the piece jumps dramatically when the Jedi are replaced by Sith*. As I said, the piece, if elevated to meme-dom, has the potential to forever color the building, and, in 2013, it seems to me to make more sense to paint the building and what it stands for as evil. The metaphor is particularly strong when you consider Darth Vader's death suicidal return to the good, implying that even in the most evil of villains, good can flourish, given the right environment.


This inner goodness, then, is the most significant aspect of the Jedi and Sith story. If that is indeed the case, than the most important symbolic demonstration of this idea would contain the conflict between good and evil, which if demonstrated internally, would be nearly impossible to do as an modification of the piece. The very nature of the piece suggest that it be additive, and as such, it seems to me, the best arrangement of the piece embraces this duality: one Sith versus one Jedi. It would be excellent to have their light sabers on and crossing, however the simple addition of lightsaber hilts and appropriate coloring might suffice.


Previously I had stated that my intention was not to color the building in a positive light, Indeed I still believe that, however, it is important that I express that it is not that my intention to color the building in a negative light. Instead I intend comical connection via an easy to understand iconographic manipulation, which put simpler is: I intend to create a meme. I intend it to make people smile.

Photo by

Photo by

*: Sith are bad Jedi, you knew that, Star Wars, right?